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HONT ELECTRICAL CO., LTD is with more 20 years of production experience and international brand's large powerful production and export enterprises.

The company was founded in 1997 and  the production base is located in the east sea coast of zhejiang wenzhou, the international famous Chinese electrical appliances city-Yueqing city Liushi town.

Our factory produces various of high-quality Wiring Accessories products (including: nylon cable ties, stainless steel cable tie, cable clip, cable gland, cable tie mounts, cable tie tools, heat-shrinkable tubings, electrical insulating tape and various types of terminals...etc.)

Products are widely used in Electrician Electrical,  power electronics, electromechanical,  electrical,  electronic communications, power grid engineering, construction engineering, machinery engineering, packaging, ships, energy ------ and many other industries.

Company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, the products have passed UL, CE, TUV, ROHS certification and SGS, IP68, DIN5510 BS6853... etc a series variety of certification and testing.

After more than 20 years of development, companies are now preparing to set up HONT group, the existing factory  total area of 28000 square meters, existing staff 680 people,  the main equipment full computer large injection molding machine 180 units, 90 sets of punch presses with different tonnages, equipped with an independent mold production center, 60 sets of CNC milling machine,  wire cutting  machines and electrical impulses 50 more units, various types of testing equipment more than 120 sets.

The company technical force is rich, detection means perfect, strictly implement the ISO9001 international quality standard, production and management automation,  products are manufactured according to the highest technical standards and quality requirements in the international industry today. The company's product specifications complete, multi-series, multi-material, multi-model, full specifications, high-quality products specifically for customers to designed solve reliable and affordable wiring  scheme. With our company cooperate in the world famous enterprises have: HOME DEPOT, GB,KINGFISHER, WALMAPT, STANLEY, RB,MENARD, CARREFOUR, DORMAM -------- etc company, get the recognition and praise of customers around the world.

To our 20 more years of production technology experience and the reputation of international brands, we can for the all of customers produce the best quality products,and provide the most favorable and competitive price, welcome  home and abroad all the broad merchants friends at come to discuss business, win-win cooperation!

Company Equipment
Major equipment computerized large injection molding machine 180 sets , 50 sets of different tonnage presses, Equipped with an independent mold production center, 30 sets of CNC milling , wire cutting 10, electrical pulses 10, 20 sets of various types of testing equipment.
Company Strength
Company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification,products have passed CE, TUV,UL,SGS,ROHS, a series certification and qualifications. After twenty years of development, now the company is a batch HONT Group. Existing plant area of 28,000 square meters , the expansion plant 10,000 square meters, the existing number of employees 2200 people.
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