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Ceramic tile locating plastic crosses
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Plastic cross,Ceramic tile locating crosses
Ceramic tile plastic cross is a used to adjust the ceramic tile seam size plastic products.   
Material: using PP,HDPE, PA.     
Features: good toughness, good tensile, non-toxic, no smell, impact resistance, moisture resistant, chemical resistance.
Color: porcelain white, milky white, and other various colors.

Specification: width: 1.0 mm --- 10.0 mm.  

1, in order to adjust the size difference of ceramic tile, grasp the overall view;   2, is reserved for the prolapse of ceramic tile expansion joints,avoid the top to the bottom of extrusion appear empty drum ceramic tile, fall off.   3, not for the reason of the temperature of heat bilges cold shrink making ceramic tile rupture. 

Product use:Adjust the ceramic tile middle of the gap size,make the gaps between the tiles are consistent,Homogeneous symmetric,to make ceramic tile stick neat beautiful.

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