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End band, spiral tube
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End band, spiral tube 

Material quality: PE/nylon ecru (new material).
Specification: diameter 20 mm  15 mm 25 mm to 30 mm.

Purpose: protection of wire and cable, and beautify the wiring and protect the cable from damage and insulation.
Function: Spiral winding band can turn messy cables and easily integrated with a bunch of, tidy and beautiful, easy to clean, also can protect the cable, electricity safely.You only need to gently with convenient set of a pull a clip, fast the set of scattered power cable in a tube set, can make the writing room, room clean and tidy and in good order.
Product features:loading line bedding line more efficient, beautiful appearance generous, convenient overhauling, reusable,random bending, fire retardant; And length of pipe sleeve can free cutting.

Method of use: 1, put all of the cable concentrated in the zipper entrainment;2, and then the zipper the pointed end of the clip into the zipper in the tube;
3, the zipper clip gently force moves down, you can put all the cables income zipper tube, completely hidden; 4, if you need to cable from the zipper to remove,only from gap in the mouth can gently, the zipper tube can be taken out; 5, such as zipper tube is too long, can use scissors to cut.

Packing: volume disc packaging,easy to receive keep and again use.

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