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EC-J type wire cable marker
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Product structure: EC - J type wire cable marker into the internal pipe type, elastic, diameter can change with cable size and scale.

Material: high quality PVC, can prevent the erosion of oil and other substances.

Product features: 1. The length is short, be applicable to the special mark of joint, and each number is different,color can significantly more foil wire number signs;

2. A kind of specifications of the EC-J type wiring marker can be suitable for variety of wire cables;
3. Cutting evenly, legible, not fade.
Product categories: EC - J, and other specifications can be customized: Numbers 0 to 9 (10 Numbers);letters a-z (26 letters); Symbol +, -, /.
Product application: 1, as wire cable identification, which are widely used in electronics, electric power, electrical appliances, power supply, computer, communications, aerospace, locomotives, office, communications, network wiring harness, etc.
Product function effect:1. Wire cable sign recognition, insulated wire core to ensure the safety in wires and cables properly connected, installation and operation, and convenient maintenance; 2. In words, letters, symbols, color mark different cables, such as logo color should be easy to identify or easy to identify, in order to correct connections for electrical appliances.

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