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Metal brass cable gland
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Metal brass cable gland

Material:Ibrassmportant part seals NBR (NBR), (EPDM) rubber and oil resistant rubber.

Thread Size:metric teeth (Metric/EN50262),compliant EU norms,G (PF / BSF / PS) teeth , PG and NPT teeth.

Role:for various equipment Wire and cable fixed and protection,enables cable outlet holes remain sealed and waterproof and dustproof,thereby enabling the machines can operate safely and reliably.

Scope:the products are widely used in various fields of machinery and equipment , machinery manufacturing , electrical, power electronics , automatic control , connectors, network , communications, lighting, etc,and automotive, petroleum, chemicals, telecommunications and many other industries.

Usage: (1)This product is placed on surface plate,and then the nut fixed.(2)In the order set into the clamping ring , then put the clamping jaws,finally, the packing head fixed its and reached waterproof, dustproof function.

Product Features:design special clamping jaws and clamping ring , cable clamping range, especially tensile strength , waterproof, dustproof. Product anti- acid , corrosion resistance and anti- general solvents chemicals.

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