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Stainless steel cable tie tool Pliers
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Stainless steel cable tie tool Pliers

Stainless steel LQA type cable tie tool

Uses: marine stainless steel cable ties special tools using a special blade, cut off power, you can use the following 25mm diameter stainless steel cable ties tighten cutting as one of a combination of supporting tools.

Features are durable, faster than the average speed of the tool tighten, cutting and strong, light weight, small size, and easy to carry, reasonable structure, economical and practical.
Applications: Widely used in industry, agriculture, communications, petroleum, aviation, transportation, shipbuilding industries.
1. The stainless steel cable ties into the opening slot and the rotation axis of the blade.
2. The gear handle moves back and forth, tension stainless steel cable ties.
3. Push the handle forward, pulling down the handle, cut excess stainless steel cable ties, locking clasp, removed tools.
Stainless steel LQG type cable tie tool

Features: LQA enhanced, based on the product of LQA edge, handle, rack, gear and so on with a reinforcing material, so that these parts are more solid, enhancing the belt tightening and cutting ability, more suitable for cutting thicker steel cable ties, tension greater. Shape structure and (LQA) is similar as easy to operate, increase the weight. It is a set of tension cut-off function in one portable tool, with stainless steel cable ties (dribbling), supporting the use of clasps.
Tools to use:
1, the stainless steel blade and placed in a rotating shaft opening slot.
2, the front and rear mobile gear handle, tighten stainless steel.

3, the hand tenon push forward, pull down the handle, cut excess stainless steel locking hasp, removed tools.

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