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Terminal Block
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Terminal blocks

Product model:U, H, W, F, V type. Specification:3A,5A,6A.10A,15A.20A.30A.60A.80A.100A.
Standard: according to the international EN60947 and EN60998 standards.

Material: made with PE, PP, PA material.

PE, good flexibility, transparency, extensibility, resistance to soluble, radiation resistant, working temperature: - 40 ℃ -- 65 ℃, instantaneous can reach: 80 ℃

PP, flame retardant, low transparency, low rigidity, good resistance to impact, working temperature: - 30 ℃ - 90 ℃, instantaneous can reach 110 ℃

PA, nylon 6/6, fire rating: 94 v - 2. Good flame retardant, solvent resistance, resistance to impact, working temperature: - 35 ℃ -- 120 ℃, the instantaneous of up to 140 ℃.
Wiring row number: generally used 12. Voltage range: 220 V to 450 V.

Product features: 1. The elasticity, resistance to high temperature, high pressure resistance, impact resistance.2.Use of safe, convenient installation, low cost..3.High electrical conductivity, insulation performance is good, strong acid and alkali, elegant appearance. 4.The conductive part made from back far brass or zinc alloy, has the torque is big, not easy break.

Product use: used in cable wiring fixed link.
Application: widely used in all sorts of lamps and lanterns, household appliances, supermarkets, industrial power, electrician electrical cable access to meet the various electrical equipment and so on.

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