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Stainless Steel(plastic cladding) Cable Ties
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Stainless Steel(plastic cladding) Cable Ties

Material: stainless steel , bulk material ICr18Ni9, Main have SUS,  304, 316.Coatin PVC, anti-wear,anti-oxidation,anti-corrosion,anti-radiation,fire performance ,ambient temperature -25 ℃--- 60 ℃, operating temperature ± 85 ℃,Rally ≥ 500N.

Stainless steel cable ties , complete specifications, variety, widely used in highways , urban roads, municipal construction , shipping , power facilities , industrial pipelines, oil equipment , fire hose, wire and cable, etc., Suitable for outdoor open air, moisture, heat and other indoor and outdoor spaces strapping.

Features: quality, twisting and pressure, locking strong, tight, lock range is big, appearance beautiful, easy to use.  

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