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Stainless steel clamp, hose hoops
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Stainless steel clamp hoop, hose hoops adopt international advanced technology, imported equipment and material manufacturing. Stainless steel electric technical performance completely different parts of cable tie and IEC92 number "ship electrical equipment and GB1113-85" renew packing metal electrical cable tie "and" steel sea vessel classification and construction rules "the relevant provisions.

We provide optimal banding technology solutions stainless steel cable tie, is the leading worldwide banding technique, can meet the needs of all bundled and fixed place.

Stainless steel band and throat hoop is mainly divided into three kinds of British, American, German type, as well as bundle oubiao throat hoop, and other derivatives.

Clamp throat hoop features: through hole process, the friction of the worm, the applicable scope is wide, twisting and pressure, throat hoop torque equilibrium, locking and firm, closely, the adjusting range is big, throat hoop that applies to more than 30 mm soft hard tube connection of fasteners, pleasing appearance after assembly.

USES: widely used in all kinds of water supply system, sewage treatment, petrochemical pipeline system piping systems, thermoelectric and military industry, pipeline system and various kinds of vehicles, ships, mines, oil, chemical industry, sewage treatment and purification of dust removal, such as machine accessories, is the ideal connection fasteners.

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