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Stainless steel self-locking cable ties
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Stainless steel self-locking steel ball cable ties adopt international advanced technology, imported equipment and material manufacturing. Stainless steel electric technical performance completely different parts of cable tie and IEC92 number "ship electrical equipment and GB1113-85" renew packing metal electrical cable tie "and" steel sea vessel classification and construction rules "the relevant provisions. We provide optimal banding technology solutions stainless steel cable tie, is the leading worldwide banding technique, can meet the needs of all bundled and fixed place.

Tie normal working tension or 500 n, material: stainless steel, the material of ontology ICr18Ni9, P.V.C coating, surface brightness, with wear-resistant, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, resistance to radiation and fireproof performance, general strapping solutions to the industry standard.

Thickness: 1.05-2.10 (mm), width: 4.6--12 (mm) processing custom: size can be according to customer requirements processing customized various types of stainless steel belt clamp.

HONT stainless steel with complete specifications, species diversity, are widely used in highway, city roads, municipal construction, shipping, electric power facilities, industrial pipe, oil equipment, fire hose, wire and cable, banner ads, label CARDS, hose connectors, etc., applicable to the outdoor, indoor and outdoor venues such as damp, high temperature banding.

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