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Stainless steel cable tie
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HONT stainless steel cable ties adopt international advanced technology, imported equipment and material manufacturing.

Material: stainless steel , bulk material ICr18Ni9, Main have SUS,304, 316,Coatin PVC,bright surface, anti-wear,anti-oxidation,anti-corrosion,anti-radiation,fire performance.

Features: quality, twisting and pressure, locking strong, tight, lock range is big, appearance beautiful, easy to use.
Custom processing : Can be customized according to customer requirements of various types of stainless steel cable tie clamp size .

Clamp throat hoop features: through hole process, the friction of the worm, the applicable scope is wide, twisting and pressure, throat hoop torque equilibrium, locking and firm, closely, the adjusting range is big.

Stainless steel cable tie with complete specifications, species diversity, are widely used in highway, city roads, municipal construction, shipping, electric power facilities, industrial pipe, oil equipment, fire hose, wire and cable, banner ads, label CARDS, hose connectors, etc., applicable to the outdoor, indoor and outdoor venues such as damp, high temperature banding.

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