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Electrical insulating tape
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Electrical insulating tape
Material: A grade PVC film as base material, synthetic butyl rubber, rubber-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive made of.
Voltage: 600V and below Insulation resistance:> 1012 ohm
Dielectric strength:> 39.37KV / mm (1000v / mil)
Mechanical behavior】:
Color: Red, yellow, green, blue, black;                
thickness: 0.13mm;
80℃(176℉)Temperature rating: 80 ℃ (176 ℉)    breaking strength: 16lbs / in;
 Elongation at break: 150%; 18oz./in Sticky tape on the base,on the plate viscosity: 18oz./in;ASTM D-1000 test method.
Features: good insulation, pressure, fire-retardant, high toughness, anti-aging properties.
Conditions: use at temperatures below 80 ℃, 600V or less insulated wire and cable connectors.

Use: apply bandage fixed, motors, electronic components, transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage regulators and other electrical appliances insulation protection products, paste and insulated wire and cable is wound.

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